Desi Ghee

Clarified Butter

Desi Ghee

Clarified Butter

Dairy Products

Verka’s Dairy products come straight from our huge dairy processing unit. Verka’s Desi Ghee and Dahi are top of the class and consumers choice in Canada. 

Bakery Products

A perfectly baked companion for your tea time. Verka’s bakery products include cookies, cakes and rolls. Baked in-house with the perfect ingredients.

Jeera Cookies

Cumin Cookies

Kaju Pista

Cashew Pistachio


Combo Pack


Cake Rusk


Punjabi Vegetarian cookies

Pani puri


Namak Para

Spicy Para


Rice savoury

Chat Papdi

Flat Crisps


Golgappa’s, Bhel Puri and other snacks will make your mouth water. Explore the world of snacks from the streets of India.

Frozen Food

Frozen food provides diverse collection of cooking ideas from the microwave master to the culinary genius to help you provide delicious and nutritiousmeals.

Frozen Green Peas

Pois Verts

Frozen Mixed Vegetables

Malai Kofta

Paneer Dumplings

Shahi Paneer

Cottage Cheese in Cashew Nut Gravy

Cut Okra

Gombo Coupe


Courge Amere

Verka Chutneys

100% Pure

Ginger Garlic


Samosa Chutney

Sweet and Spicy



Paste's & Sauces

The incredible and varied world of Verka Sauces and pastes will only value add to your cooking. Our sauces are a perfect match to any snack and our pastes will not save your time in cooking but will add aroma and taste too.


Tangy, Sweet and Refreshing. Verka’a drinks are all season drinks that will make your taste buds experience a great taste with each sip.

Jal Jeera

Cumin Water

Aam Panna

Green Mango Drink

Pani Puri

Golgappa Water

Mango Juice

Chakki Atta

Whole wheat flour

Brown Sugar

100% Natural

Basmati Rice


Arhar Daal


Multigrain Atta

Multigrain Flour

White Cane Sugar


Cooking Oil, Varieties of Lentils, Flours and many more, Verka’s list of commodities are all packed with nutrients and everything that will nourish your body. 

Disposables and Kitchenware

Looking for a perfect cookware that suits your style of cooking ?  or do you plan to skip the dishes for your road trip ? Don’t worry, Verka has got your back, check out our collection.