Sumptuous Spread of Delicacies and Sweet


Spreading the Sweet Aroma of Verka

Packed Hygienically 

We make sure that we prepare our sweets in the most hygienic conditions. The key reason behind our success over the last years has been our dedication to provide our customers with nothing but great quality.

Dil ki Mithas, Verka Sweets ke Sath

Soft as Sponge

We also make sure that our sweets are soft full of intricate and delicious layering so that once it enters your mouth, it melts down giving you the sweet experience you are eagerly looking for.

No Artificial Colors on Our Sweets

Exotic Taste

Through our experience we have been able to create different varieties according to different choices of the people. We are in constant quest to create even more and serve the craving of everyone’s sweet tooth.

Verka Perfected the Fine Art of Sweets Making

Verka prepare their sweets as per Canadian and international standard with hygiene best practices. All raw materials is accepted after thorough inspection and quality checks. The raw material is also seasoned to check its purity. We have a thorough process control that keeps a tab on production and quality. We use automatic equipment and gadgetry to keep human handling to a minimum. Verka Sweets are showcased in the stores in airtight compartments free of any contaminating substance. The products offered are freshly prepared and sold in best quality boxes and clampshell made as per world-class standards.